Poster Awards

The Local Organizing Committee of the 29th Conference of the ISC would like to thank all authors who have submitted their posters. To ensure your work is shared effectively, we would ask you to follow the guidelines below.

Poster guidelines

1) Poster boards will accommodate height 120 cm and width 90 cm size portrait posters.
2) Use background and text colors, which provide a high level of contrast, e.g., white or yellow text against dark blue background.
3) Avoid full sentences and excessive text in general. Bulleted items with key words are preferable.
4) Poster should contain your title, author’s names, purpose, methods, key results and conclusions.

- Posters will be displayed from 9:00AM October 24 through 12:00PM October 28.

- Poster Awards

1) Up to ten best presenters will be selected and announced in the closing ceremony.
2) RMB 500.00 -1,000.00 Yuan will be awarded to each winner with a diploma.
3) This award is only for students and post-docs.

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