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Conference hotel address: No.8 Moon Bay Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, 215123 China


Being a prominent city with rich history and culture, Suzhou is easily accessible by air, rail and road. Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (SHA) and Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) are respectively 80km and 120km away from SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park). Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (95km) and Wuxi Shuofang International Airport (45km) are also nearby airports, but with limited airlines.

Free Airport Shuttles!

For Coming:
The Conference will arrange three free shuttles  of the Conference from T2 and T1 Building, PVG (6:00 PM on Oct. 23 or 0:00PM and  6:00 PM on Oct. 24)and T1 Building, SHA (7:00 PM on Oct. 23 or 1:00PM and  7:00 PM on Oct. 24) to the Four Points by Sheraton Suzhou.

Please note that while we are trying our best to provide the best service we could, however, it is not practical that the bus schedule would fit to everyone’s arrival time.

Pick-up Point:

PVG: Information Counter of FLOOR 2, T2 and T1 Building (close to the international exit)

SHA: Exit 4 at International Arrivals of Floor 1, T1 Building.

For Return:

The Conference will also arrange for free shuttles on the last day of the Conference from the Four Points by Sheraton Suzhou to T1 Building, SHA & T2 Building, PVG.

Schedule 1: 2:00PM October 28

Schedule 2: 6:00PM October 28

Pick-up Point: Hotel Lobby

Ground transport:

Other option 1: Car Service (around 2.5 hours and RMB 380 for PVG, 1.5 hours and RMB 300 for SHA)

We have been working with a car service agency and would encourage you to contact us and book the pick-up service for your travel between Shanghai and Suzhou or other nearly cities. Reservation at least 2 days before anticipated departure should be made via phone call or email in English (Email is recommended). Please let them know you are attending the 29th ISC Conference at the Four Points By Sheraton Suzhou and provide them with your name, destination, departure place and time. Cash in RMB Chinese Yuan is acceptable.

Phone: 86 0512 65881257
Email: or

Other option 2: Airport Shuttle

Airport Shuttle buses are available between Suzhou and the nearby airports.


SHA(HongQiao Airport)

Hangzhou Xiaoshan

Wuxi Shuofang





1 h


RMB 84

RMB 53

RMB 95

RMB 30

For arriving Suzhou







Exit of Bus Parking Area on 2nd Floor of Airport Building

East of the Parking Area opposite the exit of the Airport Building

North to the No.5 Gate on the 1st Floor of the Airport Building

Wuxi Shuofang airport


International Building of SIP

International Building of SIP

Hongshan Hotel, No.1685 Renming Road

Suzhou Office of China Eastern, No.115 Ganjiang West Road

For departing Suzhou







Suzhou Office of China Eastern, No.115 Ganjiang West Road

Suzhou Office of China Eastern, No.115 Ganjiang West Road

Hongshan Hotel, No.1685 Renming Road

Suzhou Office of China Eastern, No.115 Ganjiang West Road

Other option 3: High speed Train in SHA (HongQiao airport)

There is a High-speed train in SHA (HongQiao Airport) T2 building. About 10 minutes walk from the airport arrival terminal to the High-speed train station. Please follow the sign at the airport/train station. There are three train stations in Suzhou: Suzhou Yuanqu/Industrial Park Train Station (closest to the Conference Hotel), Suzhou Train Station, and Suzhou High-Speed Train Station.

Other option 4: Taxi

This note includes the address and map of our conference venue, as well as the contact information in case you need help. You may show this note to the taxi driver.

Taxi rate and time from/to the nearby airports:




Hangzhou Xiaoshan

Wuxi Shuofang







RMB 500-600

RMB 350-400

RMB 400-500

RMB 150-200

Taxi in Suzhou:

Taxis are convenient and are generally a hassle-free alternative to public transportation.
The taxi hotline is: +86-512-67776777 (Chinese Speaking Only).

Taxi Rate:

Taxi Type



Basic Price: Distance ≤ 3km

RMB 10

RMB 10

Additional: 3km < Distance ≤ 5km

RMB 1.8/km

RMB 2/km

Additional: Distance > 5km

RMB 2.7/km

RMB 3/km

Additional: Distance > 3km
(PM 11:00—AM 5:00)

RMB 3.24/km

RMB 3.6/km

Taxi tips:

1. Taxis are always metered in the cities. When you get on a taxi in a city, please make sure that the driver puts down the flag on the meter when you get in, and be sure the meter has been reset to zero before he/she throws the flag.

2. When you take a taxi for a long trip (i.e. from PVG to Suzhou City), it is more economical to get a long distance package price by negotiating with the driver and thus there’s no need to meter any more.

Other option 5Railway

High-Speed Train














RMB 36-65


RMB 14-43

RMB 117-196

RMB 309-1390

Suzhou Train Station is located in the northern part of Suzhou old city. It can be easily reached by Taxi from the Four Points by Sheraton Suzhou (around 30 minutes and RMB60), or by bus line 166.

Suzhou Yuanqu/Industrial Park Train Station is a new facility designed for Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway. It directly connects Suzhou Industrial Park and Hongqiao Airport and reduces the trip to 23 minutes only. For arriving at Suzhou Yuanqu/Industrial Park Train Station from the Four Points by Sheraton Suzhou, it takes around 15 minutes and RMB 30 by taxi.

How to buy a train ticket in Suzhou?

There are automatic ticket-selling machines with English guide in the railway stations. You can easily purchase the tickets by Chinese currency.

In addition to the railway station, the nearest train ticket outlet in SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park) is located in Shi Hui Fang Neighborhood Center, 166, Xinghai Street (Tel: +86-0512-67672188). It pre-sells tickets nationwide within 7-10 days.

You may also purchase the tickets with the help of the hotel front desk or by calling +86-512-62513781/62513782 (Chinese speaking only). The ticket selling agency can deliver the tickets to the Conference Hotel with a certain processing fee, but has to be informed at least 24 hours in advance.  The earlier the better.

Other option 6: Driving

From Nanjing:
Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway----Exit of Suzhou SIP----Modern Avenue (Westward)----Xinghu Street (Southward)----Cuiwei Road (Westward)----
Moon Bay Road (Southward)

From Shanghai:
Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway----Exit of Suzhou SIP----Modern Avenue (Westward)----Xinghu Street (Southward)----Cuiwei Road (Westward)---- Moon Bay Road (Southward)

From Hangzhou:
Suzhou-Jiaxing-Hangzhou Expressway----Exit of Suzhou----Nanhuan Road (Eastward)----Dushu Lake Avenue (Eastward)----Dushu Lake Tunnel (Eastward)----Exit of Xinghu Street----Xinghu Street (Southward)----Cuiwei Road (Westward) ---- Moon Bay Road (Southward)

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